Everything you need to know found here. We work hard to keep stolen things out of our pawn shop – read on!

What Do I Need to Get a Pawn?

  • Collateral – something of value
  • State Issued ID – current and valid
  • 18 or Older – for loans and to sell

60-Day Collateral-Based Loans

A pawn is a loan. If you need some extra money, we can provide that if you provide us with something of value. Our loans are 60-day renewable loans. We loan you money and store your item(s) securely as collateral on the premises until you redeem it or pay the finance charges that have accrued to renew the loan. If no action is taken, the loan expires.

On your initial 60-day loan you have a 30-day grace period. You can come in and redeem your item or renew it by paying the finance charge. When you come in to pick up/redeem your loan, you will pay back the money we loaned you plus the total finance charges that have accrued.

Alternatively, you can come in and renew your loan by paying the finance charges that have accrued. If you renew it, the payment schedule is then on a 60-day cycle without the 30-day grace period. You may renew a loan as many times as you need to.

Loan Amount At 30 Days At 60 Days
20 27 27
50 60.50 60.50
80 95 96.73
100 117.96 120.92
150 176.94 181.38
200 235.92 241.84
250 294.90 302.29
300 353.88 362.75
500 589.79 604.59
800 943.67 967.34

This chart is an approximation. Interest accrues daily, for exact cost to pick up or renew you should call the store.

Give us a call to see if we’ll accept your item. With the broad variety and possible condition of your item(s) we are unable to give estimates of the potential loan over the phone.

Firearm arms include a $3.00 firearm fee. Also a $10 government fee is required when you pick up your firearm and fill out the mandatory 4473 form. This fee goes to the state.


Selling, trading, buying, special orders, or loans; when it comes to firearms we do it all.

Not only do we buy, sell, and loan guns – we use them too. If we aren’t at work, we’re usually at the range. Our entire family is active in shooting sports. If you are interested in getting into 3Gun, Speed Steel, USPSA, or taking any classes – come on down and talk to us.

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